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Villa Borgo

on the top of the hill

In Istrian inland, at the top of the hill dominating over the valley of the river Mirna, one of the most attractive medieval towns is situated. It was named by its geographic position – town on a mountain (first Montona, today Motovun). There are 1052 steps leading toward this symbol of Istrian inland. Its walls offer the view of the river Mirna valley and Motovun Forest as the best-known habitat for white and black truffle, picturesque inland towns, all the way to the Adriatic Sea and the Alps. Any visitor to Istria must come and see the authentic scenery of the walls, In Istrian inland, at the top of the hill dominating over the valley with their shape of a ring protecting the old town. Motovun is an ideal place for the ones who like adrenalin sports, such as paragliding and mountain-biking. The route of Parenzana symbolizes one of the most attractive mountain-bike tracks. There are many events throughout the year, but the most popular one is the international Motovun Film Festival at the end of July.

    Why Motovun?

  1. longest Istrian staircase of 1052 stairs.
  2. medieval ambience/ walls in the form of a ring and two semiprecious ones.
  3. a view of the vineyards and the Motovun forest - the habitat of underground mushrooms - truffles that are being hunted with the help of specially trained dogs.
  4. Motovun Film Festival – a festival devoted to small cinemas and independent productions that shows films in beautiful ambiance, in front of a friendly audience, under the sky of warm summer nights.
  5. excellent gastronomic offer/ Istrian cuisine, Istrian wines, truffle specialties, etc. for gourmands.
  6. close to wine roads, Istrian cellars + wine tasting.
  7. close to the most visited/ popular tourist towns on the Adriatic coast (Poreč, Rovinj, Umag).
  8. Parenzana, the path of health and friendship - originally railway "Parenzana" that was connecting Trieste and Porec, and now a cycling and hiking trail that runs underneath Motovun and provides a paradise for those looking for an active vacation.
motovun street