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  5th February 2019

Wine bar opening at Baka Ljubica's

Hotel Manager   Slaven Zlatić

Dear guests and friends, we are very proud to announce our wine bar opening! From 2019 season you are all welcome to enjoy our new service within Baka Ljubica accommodation facility, at Borgo Street, opposite Villa Borgo. The idea to open a wine bar where our guests, as well as all visitors of Motovun and passers-by could have the chance to try some of best Istrian wines, have a fresh craft beer or simply rest on one’s way to the top of Motovun, came to my mind through years of contacting with our guests and listening to their needs and preferences. I realized that this kind of offer is missing and direct interaction with our guests inspired me to this venture. We plan to open in June. You are all welcome to join us and have a glass of fine wine and beer!


  10th January 2019

Motovun in three minutes

Hotel Manager   Slaven Zlatić

Click the video and the next three minutes breathe the true Motovun atmosphere in the Villa Borgo and Baka Ljubica with the video of the young visual artist Alessia Stelko.

  2nd January 2019

2019 announcements

Hotel Manager   Slaven Zlatić

Dear guests! You may have already noticed our new web page, where we introduced a new section – blog. This way we will be able to inform you about our special offers, novelties in our services but it will also be a new way to learn something about events in and around Motovun area. Post your recommendations and advice, we will surely be glad to hear your impressions!